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Advantages of the Millennium Laminar Surgery cleanroom

Update:08 Dec 2018

Advantages of the Millennium Laminar Surgery Room: Adva […]

Advantages of the Millennium Laminar Surgery Room:

Advantages 1. The 1000-level laminar flow operating room uses air filtration to effectively remove bacteria and dust from the air, which can improve the economic and social benefits of the hospital: reduce the postoperative infection rate and improve the success rate of various difficult operations. Improve the use rate of the operating bed and indirectly improve the cure rate and bed turnover rate.

Advantage 2, the use of laminar flow operating room is the use of airflow technology to achieve a high degree of sterility in important parts of the operating room, using vertical laminar air conditioning technology, intraoperative air bacterial concentration, temperature, noise, illuminance, minimum static The pressure, the number of air changes and the minimum fresh air all meet the requirements of laminar flow cleanup, and three professional maintenance personnel are regularly monitored and maintained to achieve 24-hour monitoring.

Advantage 3, the thousand-level laminar flow operating room is to form an air gradient in the operating room, so that the outdoor sewage does not invade the room, keeping the indoor air fresh, clean and comfortable. The use of positive pressure airflow (+23-25Pa) prevents the entry of foreign pollutants, greatly reducing the infection rate in the hospital, especially reducing the infection rate of surgical incisions.