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Clean room cleaning program

Update:10 Jun 2019

(1) Replace the special anti-static clothing, wear a ha […]

(1) Replace the special anti-static clothing, wear a hat and a mask, and remove the dust through the air-bath vacuum passage to enter the clean room.
(2) After cleaning tools and supplies are prepared and placed in the designated location, start cleaning.
(3) Pick up the ground rubbish and carry out one by one from the inside out in the order of the production line.
(4) Dumping and disposing garbage bins and garbage bins on time, and conducting inspections. After strict classification according to regulations, they are transported to designated garbage rooms by the production line administrator or security inspection.
(5) Clean indoor glass, walls, shelves, from the top down using clean paper or a clean cloth.
(6) Use the clean dust to push the dust and clean the ground from the inside out. Garbage, smudges, water marks, etc. on the ground should be cleaned with dust-free cloth in time.
(7) Use the production line staff to rest and eat at the production line, under the workbench, and under the seat.
(8) Regularly clean the ceiling, air conditioning air outlet, ceiling light partition, under the raised floor, the cleaning procedures and materials used must be approved by the factory department, and use the holidays and work breaks as planned.
(9) The waxing of the clean room floor must be carried out in strict accordance with the planning and cleaning procedures. Antistatic wax must be used.
(10) After the cleaning work is completed, all cleaning products should be received in the designated cleaning room, and stored separately from ordinary tools to avoid cross-contamination, neatly placed, and not randomly placed in the clean room.