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Construction requirements for cleanrooms

Update:19 Jan 2019

With the continuous development of the market economy, […]

With the continuous development of the market economy, the competition between enterprises has become more and more fierce, and the upgrading of enterprises has become an inevitable topic, especially in some pharmaceutical industry, electronic product manufacturing industry, and dust-free workshops. The higher the rate, the many companies in the dust-free workshop construction process often do not understand the difference between the clean room decoration and the ordinary production workshop decoration and go a lot of detours, like other tooling, the clean room decoration also has to go through the previous period Design layout construction, but more important is later testing and maintenance. The construction of the clean room should meet the following requirements.
      1) Durability: The dust-free workshop must have durable materials that meet the cleaning solution and vibration, equipment and air filtration system inside the environment and clean room. Durability, while also relying on the clean room grade to build.
      2) Cleaning: In the pharmaceutical and bioengineering industries, walls in cleanroom workshops need to be easily cleaned and wiped until they are protected from contamination by viral or bacterial viruses. In the market, cleaning is really one of the most important businesses.
      3) Adaptability: Some manufacturers believe that adaptability can save a sum of money, and adaptability means that the system can move or change without any loss. The ability of the owner and designer is the key to change, so they never stereotype the original design.
      4) Maintainability: For the dust-free workshop, the more stringent requirements are the floor and ceiling. Whether the choice of materials is easy to clean and maintainability should have priority. The most important of the application of force, ceiling, floor and wall is the ceiling. The ceiling will tend to be more expensive. In fact, the ceiling is a rather complex system that must filter the particles strictly, so the design must be precise.