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Difference between a purification workshop and an ordinary production workshop

Update:26 Jan 2019

The purification workshop is widely used in many manufa […]

The purification workshop is widely used in many manufacturing and dust-free operating rooms in its clean production environment. In the same clean room project, different purification workshops may have different cleanliness requirements, and the clean room project needs to be obtained. Good cleansing effect, not only to focus on reasonable air conditioning purification measures, but also requires the corresponding measures in the process, construction and other professions: the purification workshop and the ordinary production workshop are essentially different in nature.
      Generally, the airflow design process of the purification workshop is a one-way airflow. The design and placement of the production equipment in the purification workshop should be fully considered that the direction of the airflow is not hindered: since it is a clean room, as the name implies, it is to control the pollution source and improve the cleanliness of the product. Designed for high cleanliness production workshops. There are many factors that cause pollution sources, and the human factor is the biggest source of pollution. Therefore, the control of human behavior and so on will be relatively strict. Of course, other factors cannot be ignored. All in all, it is just a cleaner workshop than the ordinary environment, and it does not pose any threat to the human body. It is necessary to ensure that the environment of the clean room must be fully controlled. It is not enough to rely on hardware work. The source of external pollution is also our purification. The most important thing in the workshop environmental pollution control! Through the above introduction, I hope that everyone can have a correct understanding of the purification workshop, and industrial production in such an environment is an inevitable development trend.