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Ensure the cleanliness of the project

Update:24 Nov 2018

Which industries will not be constrained by the purific […]

Which industries will not be constrained by the purification project? If there is no purification project, what impact will it have on our current life? Perhaps there will be no purification project, and the food we eat, wear and use will be greatly affected. If there is no purification project, it will restrict the industries.

1. Important impact on the production process: The indoor production environment is the key factor that restricts industrial production, especially high-tech production. For example, in the chip production process of the microelectronics industry, the control of the particles reaches the molecular level, otherwise the production cannot be carried out or the defective products are produced; in the annual production environment of the antibiotics, if some microorganisms are present, the production cannot be normal. get on.

2. Impact on product quality: The production environment is one of the important factors affecting product quality. For example, photographic film, integrated circuits, chemical reagents, precision instruments and micro-motors, if smeared by dust, will reduce quality or even scrap; in the food processing industry, the presence of micro-bovines will shorten the shelf life and reduce product quality.

3. Impact on production efficiency: The impact of the environment on cattle productivity is reflected in the following aspects: First, a good production environment can not only ensure the physical and mental health and attendance of production personnel, but also improve their work mood and enthusiasm; secondly, A good production environment can ensure smooth production and improve product yield.

4, causing environmental pollution: As we all know, environmental pollution is mainly caused by industrial pollution. Among them, air pollution and water pollution have an impact on people's health, on the other hand, they also affect the production process and product quality.

5. Other influences: Some dusts, such as coal dust, aluminum dust and grain dust, will explode under certain conditions of concentration and temperature, causing casualties and economic losses. In addition, the dust will also reduce the illumination and visibility, affecting the field of vision of outdoor operations; when sulfur dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen chloride encounter water vapor, the warehouse will corrode metal materials and paint coatings, shortening the service life of the equipment; It is then oxidized to so3, which in turn forms sulfuric acid, causing acid rain in the cloud, which is extremely harmful to buildings, forests, lakes and soil.

Therefore, the industry that needs purification engineering must ensure the cleanliness of the project and make people's lives healthier.