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Five transfer windows for pharmaceutical GMP purification workshops

Update:13 Jul 2019

The transfer window is used as an auxiliary equipment f […]

The transfer window is used as an auxiliary equipment for the purification workshop. It is mainly used for the transfer of small items between the clean area and the clean area or the non-clean area to reduce the number of opening of the purification workshop and minimize the pollution to the purification workshop. . Transfer windows are widely used in micro-technologies, biological laboratories, hospitals, food processing industries, LCDs, electronics factories, pharmaceutical plants, and other places where air purification is required. Then, what kinds of transfer windows are used in the GMP purification workshop?
The transfer window has two sashes inside and outside with mechanical interlocking. When the transfer window is opened, there is contaminated air brought into the pharmaceutical GMP purification workshop.
2. Air brake type (clean type)
There is a clean airflow between the transfer window forms, that is, a fan and a high-efficiency filter are installed in the transfer window, and the fan is activated before the window is opened to allow the clean air to pass.
3. Sterilization
For the drug GMP purification workshop, in order to prevent the introduction of germs, an ultraviolet lamp is installed in the transfer window. After the window is placed into the object, the window is closed and the ultraviolet lamp is turned on, and after a few minutes of irradiation, the window is taken out.
4. Closed and desirable
In order to make up for the defects that the mechanical transmission window will bring in polluted air, the drug GMP purification workshop can also adopt the closed-access type in addition to the air-gated transmission window.
5. Laminar flow transfer window
The laminar flow transfer window is an advanced GMP purification workshop auxiliary equipment. It is mainly used to transfer small objects between different levels of different pressure purification workshops. On the one hand, it acts as an air lock and does not allow high-level GMP purification workshops. The medium and high pressure is relieved, and on the other hand, the self-cleaning effect is realized during the transfer process to ensure the cleanliness of the articles entering the clean area and reduce the cross-contamination caused by the objects. The blowing time is arbitrarily adjusted according to the manual switch, and the maximum is achieved. Self-cleaning and energy saving effects.
Nowadays, the transfer window generally used in the GMP purification workshop is made of stainless steel, which is smooth and smooth. The double doors are interlocked to each other to effectively prevent cross-contamination. They are equipped with electronic or mechanical interlocking devices and equipped with ultraviolet germicidal lamps. The transfer window is the most effective device to prevent contamination. It is characterized by effectively reducing the number of times a worker enters a GMP purification workshop due to the transportation of articles, preventing external air from entering the purification workshop, and is the best relay device for the purification workshop.