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GMP purification workshop decoration needs attention

Update:17 May 2019

In order to ensure the decoration standard of GMP purif […]

In order to ensure the decoration standard of GMP purification workshop, the design and construction attention of the purification workshop is particularly important. Qingdao Clean Purification Technology Co., Ltd., for the attention of GMP purification workshop decoration, summarize the following points
First, to ensure safe production and meet environmental protection requirements
The GMP purification workshop, purification engineering design should ensure safe production and meet environmental protection requirements. It must meet the requirements of fire protection and fire prevention. It should be designed according to the relevant national standards and specifications. Due to the characteristics of plane and space deduction in the clean room purification project and the twists and turns of the walkway, the system design and equipment of various technical facilities are carried out. When configuring and selecting materials, pay special attention to selecting the systems, equipment and materials that meet the requirements.
Second, arrange the production area and the production auxiliary area
It is necessary to first arrange the reasonable layout of the product production area and the power utility area of the production auxiliary area, usually in accordance with the production process sulfur process of the product, and to ensure the operation and management of the product production under the condition of ensuring the production environment requirements of the product. It is conducive to saving energy and reducing production costs. In the layout of the clean room purification engineering company, it must comply with the requirements of the current national regulations on safety production, fire protection, environmental protection and occupational health; in the layout of clean room purification engineering, full consideration should be given to the flow of people and logistics. arrangement. Try to be short and smooth. After determining the plane and space layout of the clean room, the design content, technical requirements and related issues that should be paid attention to in the design of the clean room purification engineering design are proposed.