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How industrial clean rooms control the pollution of non-biological particles

Update:23 Feb 2019

The overall process of dust-free workshop construction […]

The overall process of dust-free workshop construction design is cumbersome, ensuring that the quality of the project and the process compliance will avoid pollution in the production process. Hengya Purification Engineering Company pointed out that the clean room is a complex that has requirements for the number of air changes, static pressure difference, temperature, humidity, and illumination. So how do you maintain it in the daily routine of the industrial clean room?

      Industrial clean rooms are the main task to control the pollution of non-biological particles, while biological clean rooms are the main task to control the pollution of biological particles.

      Non-biological particles or biological particles, or inanimate particles or living particles, are regarded as particles in the field of air cleaning technology, and have the properties of particles. Therefore, no matter which type of clean room, the way to control particulate pollution is common. This type of approach is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

      (1) Effectively prevent outdoor pollution from intruding into the room (or effectively prevent indoor pollution from escaping outdoors). This is the most important way to control pollution in clean rooms, mainly related to air purification treatment methods, indoor pressure and so on.

      (2) Quickly and effectively eliminate the pollution that should occur in the room. This mainly involves the airflow organization in the room, and it is also the key to reflect the function of the clean room.

      (3) Control pollution sources and reduce the amount of pollution, which mainly involves the installation and management of polluting equipment and the purification of people and objects entering the clean room. The former is mostly a technical problem.