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How to apply dust removal technology in GMP purification workshop

Update:19 Jul 2019

The "Good Manufacturing Practices" is the basic standar […]

The "Good Manufacturing Practices" is the basic standard for pharmaceutical production and quality management in China. In the GMP purification workshop project, dust removal technology is one of the most important contents. When proceeding with the transformation of the GMP purification workshop, it is necessary to fully consider the factors of dust removal, and when designing and constructing the purification workshop according to the requirements of GMP, regardless of the general production workshop or the clean production workshop, the dust is produced. Dust removal technology is applied to the room and area to control the dust within a reasonable range.
In the production process of traditional Chinese medicine solid preparations, the dust is generated in the GMP purification workshop. The dust is mainly used to separate the dust from the airflow. It is a good choice to use the bag filter as the dust removal device for the solid preparation of traditional Chinese medicine. Bag dust collector (or filter drum type dust collector) is a device that allows dusty gas to pass through the filter material to separate and collect dust. Design reasonable parameters, design appropriate trapping device, select appropriate filter material, bag filter The dust removal efficiency can be as high as 99.9%. In the past, only the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter imported from abroad can achieve this effect. In the past two years, the domestically produced bag filter or filter drum type dust collector has been greatly improved, due to the proper filter material. The dust removal effect can reach 99.9%, so the domestic dust collector can completely replace the imported type of dust collector.
Applying dust removal technology to GMP purification workshops requires solving a series of technical problems:
1. In the airflow organization, it is necessary to solve the problem that the clean air-conditioning airflow and the dust-removing airflow are matched to each other (the treated discharge of the discharge is discharged, and the reused treatment is reused after being processed);
2. The dust removal airflow organization is subject to the clean air conditioning airflow organization of the GMP purification workshop, the air volume balance, and the pressure difference meets the requirements;
3. Select and configure a suitable dust collector.