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How to make a reasonable layout of the purification workshop

Update:23 Mar 2019

The purification workshop project should arrange the au […]

The purification workshop project should arrange the auxiliary workshop reasonably according to the needs. For example, the weighing room should be close to the original auxiliary material warehouse, and its cleanliness level should be the same as that of the batching room; the clean operating room for the 100,000 class and more than 100,000 class clean room equipment and container cleaning room can be arranged in this area, the level is better The cleaning room of the high Class 100 and Class 10000 clean rooms should be located outside the clean area, and the cleanliness level can be lower than that of the production area; the cleaning tool washing, storage room and maintenance room should not be located in the clean production area; The cleanliness level of the washing and drying room of the clean overalls can generally be lower than that of the production doctor. The finishing and sterilization rooms of the aseptic garments should be replaced with the same cleanliness level as the production area to avoid spreading the pollutants to the surface of the clean factory. The rest.

The room pressure difference of the room with different cleanliness requirements of the clean room should meet the requirements: the positive pressure value of the clean room refers to the value of the indoor static pressure greater than the outdoor static pressure when the doors and windows are all closed. It is achieved by the method that the air supply volume of the purification system is greater than the amount of return air and the amount of exhaust air. In order to ensure the positive pressure value of the clean room, the air supply, return air and exhaust fan are preferably interlocked. When the system is turned on, the blower is started first, then the return fan and the exhaust fan are started. When the system is shut down, the exhaust fan is turned off first, then the fan is turned off. The blower is installed to prevent the dust-free workshop from being contaminated when the system is turned on and off.

However, the positive pressure value of the purification workshop project is not as large as possible. According to the actual engineering test of the unit for more than 30 years, when the positive pressure value is ≥30Pa, it is more difficult to open the door. Close the door and pay attention to it, scream! Scary! When the pressure value is ≥50~70Pa, the gap between the door and window will be whistle, and the infirm or the person with some incompatibility will feel uncomfortable. However, the relevant norms or standards of many countries in China and abroad do not specify the upper limit of positive pressure. As a result, many units only ask the lower limit to meet the requirements, regardless of the upper limit, which is the actual number encountered by the author. The positive pressure value in the dust workshop is as high as 100Pa or more, which causes very bad results. In fact, adjusting positive pressure is not a difficult thing. It is entirely possible to control it within a certain range.