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Pay attention to the cleanroom panel sevacuation gate

Update:10 Nov 2018

As a large-scale interior decoration, in order to ensur […]

As a large-scale interior decoration, in order to ensure the cleanliness of indoor air to avoid dust pollution, in general, the sealing is relatively strong, and the sealing property is improved, and the layout of the clean factory is extremely complicated, and the personnel are safely separated. A problem that needs to be focused on. In general, let employees familiar with the alienation route to be safely evacuated at critical moments. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the evacuation gates when designing.

1. At least two safety exits are provided for each production zone fire zone or clean zone. Only when the area is less than 50 and the number of personnel is less than 5, only one safety exit is allowed.

2. Because the net route of people often tends to twists and turns, the net entrance of people should not be used as an evacuation exit. Once the fireworks are raging, it is very difficult to ask people to run outside quickly.

3. The shower room should not be used as a general access passage. When the staff exits the clean room, they should not go to the shower room and should walk the bypass door. Since such doors are often interlocked or automatic, once the fault occurs, the evacuation is very affected. Therefore, the bypass door is generally provided in the shower room, and the door must be provided when the staff is more than 5 people.

4. The doors of the clean rooms in the clean area, in view of the need to maintain the pressure in the room, are oriented in a direction of pressure, because the pressure is required to press the door, which is obviously contrary to the requirements for safe evacuation. In order to consider the two requirements of normal cleansing and emergency evacuation, the door, clean area and outdoor door between the clean area and the non-clean area are treated as safe evacuation doors, and the opening direction is always toward the evacuation direction. Of course, the single The same is true for security doors.