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Pay attention to when entering and leaving the clean room

Update:11 May 2019

Clean Room, also known as clean room or clean room. It […]

Clean Room, also known as clean room or clean room. It is the basis of pollution control. Control the concentration of airborne particles to achieve the appropriate level of particle cleanliness. Clean room refers to the removal of pollutants in the air, harmful air, bacteria, etc. in a certain space, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air flow velocity and air distribution, noise vibration and lighting, static electricity Controlled within a certain range of demand, and given a specially designed room.

What are the requirements for entering a clean room? Hefei Hengya Purification will answer you:

(1) Clean the clean room indoor wall should use clean room clean cloth;

(2) disposing the cleaning agent with 90% deionized water and 10% isopropyl alcohol;

(3) use approved clean room-specific detergents;

(4) Check the garbage bins in the workshop and the maintenance room every day and remove them in time.

(5) Every floor should be vacuumed. Every time you transfer a shift, you should indicate the completion of the work on the map, such as where to start.

(6) Use a special mop to clean the floor of the clean room.

(7) Vacuum cleaners in clean rooms should use special vacuum cleaners with high efficiency filters.

(8) All doors need to be inspected and dried.

(9) Wipe the floor after sucking the ground. Wipe the wall once a week.

(10) Also vacuum and wipe under the overhead floor.

(11) Rub the pillars and support columns under the overhead floor for three months.

(12) Be sure to remember when working, always rub from top to bottom, and wipe from the direction of the door farthest from the door.