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Purification advantages of clean room purification function engineering

Update:05 May 2019

The clean room system engineering application units gen […]

The clean room system engineering application units generally include: hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food and beverage production, precision electronics plants, cosmetics production, laboratories, etc. where it is necessary to control the cleanliness of the environment. So what are the advantages of its application?
1, good clean performance, will not adsorb dust, very suitable for purifying the workshop wall, and very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, the surface is beautiful. Affordable, used to create a workshop or renovation workshop can be useful to greatly reduce the cost of use
2, good moisturizing performance, high strength, thermal insulation, core material thermal conductivity: λ <=0.041w / mk. High strength: It can be used as a ceiling for the layout of the ceiling, and it can resist bending and compression. Generally, the clean room is less used.
3, convenient construction, light weight: 10-14 kg / square meter, equivalent to 1 / 30 of the brick wall, purification plant partition wall, roof usually use 50mm thick splint; and color steel plate equipment sensitive and convenient: short construction period, The workshop can be adjusted according to the production demand, and the color steel plate wall is used, and the workshop reconstruction is more convenient.
4, air supply filter equipment: high-efficiency air supply port uses stainless steel structure, beautiful cleaning, punching stencil with lacquered aluminum plate, no rust and no dust, easy to clean; send back air duct with hot-dip zinc plate, paste purification cotton;
5, on the ground disposal: the ground is usually selected epoxy self-flowing floor or high-grade wear-resistant plastic floor, if there is anti-static demand, you can use anti-static floor;