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Purification workshop engineering must have a reasonable design

Update:29 Mar 2019

In order to obtain a good cleansing effect, the purific […]

In order to obtain a good cleansing effect, the purification workshop project should not only focus on adopting reasonable air-conditioning purification measures, but also require corresponding measures in the process, construction and other professions: not only must there be reasonable design, but also carefully conform to the standard construction. Installation, as well as proper use of clean room and scientific maintenance management. In order to achieve good results in clean rooms, many literatures at home and abroad have been elaborated from different angles. In fact, it is difficult to achieve ideal cooperation between different professions, and it is difficult for designers to grasp the quality of construction and installation and the use and management, especially the latter. As far as clean room cleaning measures are concerned, many designers, or builders, often do not pay enough attention to the necessary conditions, resulting in unsatisfactory cleanliness.

In order to ensure the air cleanliness requirements of the clean room of the production environment or other uses, a number of comprehensive technical measures must be adopted:

1. Use production processes and equipment that produce less pollutants;

2. Take necessary isolation and negative pressure measures to prevent the pollutants generated by the production process from spreading around;

3. Strengthen the management of clean rooms, and carry out cleaning and sterilization according to regulations;

4. Reduce pollutants brought into the room by personnel and materials;

5. People and things must be diverted, and people and logistics are not allowed to cross each other.