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The role of the operating cleanroom

Update:14 Dec 2018

The role of the thousand-level laminar flow operating r […]

The role of the thousand-level laminar flow operating room is:

The 1000-level laminar flow operating room applies advanced clean technology to the operating room, and performs a series of treatments such as sterilization, temperature and humidity adjustment and fresh air regulation in the operating room to keep the operating room in a clean, warm and humid state. Working in a comfortable environment, allowing patients to undergo surgical treatment in a clean space, effectively preventing postoperative infections and improving the success rate of surgery.

Through the function of air exchange 600 times per hour and air purification, it is very effective to disinfect and filter the dust particles in the air, so that the bacteria can not spread in the air. To achieve the effect of sterilization and dust removal, the air cleanliness can be as high as 99%, the infection rate will drop to a very low level, so you can control the exogenous infection. At the same time, there will also be a color steel plate with thermal insulation, anti-collision and sound insulation, and an anti-rust color steel plate on the inside. After 6 times of vacuum ion painting, it can control the constant temperature and humidity and constant pressure in the room. Surgery performed in this surgical environment can effectively avoid cross-infection during surgery.

Take the abortion surgery that the hospital often does, the continuous improvement of medicine, the success rate of painless abortion surgery is greatly improved, because the uterine perforation, abortion and other abortion complications caused by the flow of people are greatly reduced, but because it is in the uterus Surgery in the cavity, so the possibility of surgical infection is still relatively large, and now people due to the flow of people causing secondary infertility are increasing, many are related to abortion infection.

Hospital experts pointed out that the use of the thirteenth laminar flow operating room in abortion surgery has eliminated the surgical exogenous infection and greatly improved the safety of the operation.