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What basic equipment needs to be installed in the cleanroom

Update:22 Dec 2018

In the construction process of the clean room, in addit […]

In the construction process of the clean room, in addition to the basic civil construction, various infrastructures and purification equipments will be installed in the later stage to achieve the daily operation of the auxiliary purification workshop, providing a clean and dust-free operating environment for the purification workshop, and which basic equipment Is the purification workshop need to be installed, and what role do they play separately?

First, the dust-free purification workshop air inlet system should be installed, the new air filter box, the central purification air conditioner (the central purification air conditioner should be divided into the initial effect / medium efficiency / high efficiency three filter sections) at the end has a high efficiency air supply port. A purifying booster tank is also installed if necessary.

Second, the dust-free purification workshop return air system should be installed, return air outlet, filter primary effect device, medium efficiency return air box.

Third, enter the buffer zone before entering the dust-free purification workshop. The buffer door is installed with electronic interlocking, and the locker is placed with a clean storage closet and an air freshener.

Fourth, people and goods must pass through the dust-free purification workshop, the air shower room, the cargo shower room, and the transfer window mainly transmit small items.

Fifth, in the dust-free purification workshop, it is necessary to reach a 10-1000-level place to install a vertical laminar flow table, a laminar flow hood (FFU), a clean shed (movable purification work shed), and a self-cleaning device. For the clean room cleanliness, the laser dust particle counter.