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what role the purification project has played

Update:20 Sep 2018

In the production process of pharmaceutical, electronic […]

In the production process of pharmaceutical, electronic, food, and cosmetic products, there are higher requirements for precision, miniaturization, and precision of product processing. In addition to the high quality requirements for products, these industries also have requirements for the production environment. . The Runde Purification Engineering Construction Company will tell you today what role the purification project has played in the modern industrial production process.

First, to ensure product quality

In some high-tech electronics manufacturing fields, the production of high-precision instruments requires a high-clean production environment. For example, in the microelectronic chip industry, the control requirements for airborne particles need to reach the molecular level. In addition, in the field of medical manufacturing, some drugs are The production environment is also extremely harsh. If there are some pollutants in the air, the production progress of the product will be affected, and the purification project can purify the air of the production workshop according to the requirements of different industries, and control the concentration of suspended particles in the entire micro-environment. Guarantee the normal production of the product and the quality of the product.

Second, improve production efficiency

The purification project can keep the temperature, humidity and cleanliness of the production workshop within a certain range. The clean production environment can not only ensure the physical and mental health and attendance of the production personnel, but also improve their work mood and enthusiasm. Secondly, good production The environment can ensure the smooth progress of production and improve the yield of products, so the purification project can improve the production efficiency of the products.

Third, avoid causing environmental pollution

Some products produce certain environmental pollution during the manufacturing process. In addition to purifying the indoor environment, the purification project can also collect pollutants generated during the production process for purification, avoiding direct discharge of air and polluting the environment. Purification works include not only gas handling but also water pollution.

Purification projects are designed in accordance with national standards. If a qualified project is to be carried out, quality must be guaranteed, energy should not be wasted, and engineering requirements must be met. Different regions and different environments must have different designs. According to the terrain, the level of purification engineering should be reasonably planned. The general purification project can be divided into five grades according to dust particles and cleanliness. After determining the level of clean engineering, according to the design of the surrounding environment, the location should be kept away if there is air pollution around. After the design, it is necessary to guarantee the normal use in the future. If there is a problem, the principle of ensuring maintenance and testing is convenient.