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What to pay attention to when using a clean bench

Update:15 Feb 2019

The ultra-clean power supply adopts three-phase four-wi […]

The ultra-clean power supply adopts three-phase four-wire power, one of which has a zero line, which is connected to the machine casing, and should be connected to the ground line. The other three lines are phase lines, and the working voltage is 380V. There is a certain order in the three-wire access circuit. If the wire is connected incorrectly, the wind is reversed. At this time, the sound is normal or slightly abnormal. The front of the clean bench is windless (the alcohol lamp can be used to observe the movement and the flame should not be tested for a long time). When the power is cut off in time, only the position of any two of the wires can be exchanged and connected. If the three-phase line is only connected to two phases, or one of the three phases is in poor contact, the machine sound is abnormal. You should immediately cut off the power supply and carefully repair it, otherwise the motor will be burnt. These common sense should be explained to the staff when they start using the ultra-clean platform. The exemption should not cause accidents and losses.

The air inlet of the ultra-clean platform is below the back or the front. The metal mesh cover has a common foam plastic sheet or non-woven fabric to block large particles of dust. It should be inspected and removed frequently. If the foam is aging, it should be replaced in time. In addition to the air inlet, if there is a leaking pore, it should be tightly sealed, such as tape, cotton, glued paper, etc. The metal mesh cover on the front of the workbench is a super filter. The super filter can also be replaced. If it is used for a long time, the dust particles are blocked, the wind speed is reduced, and when the aseptic operation cannot be guaranteed, it can be replaced with a new one.

The length of service life of the clean bench and the cleanliness of the air are available. In the temperate zone, the ultra-clean bench can be used in general laboratories. However, in tropical or subtropical regions, in areas with atmospheric pollen or dust, the ultra-clean bench should be placed in a good indoor room with double doors. . Under no circumstances should the inlet hood of the clean bench be facing the open door or window to avoid affecting the service life of the filter.

The sterile room should be periodically dusted and disinfected with 70% alcohol or 0.5% phenol spray, wiped with 2% chlorhexidine and utensils (70% alcohol is also available), and formalin (40% formaldehyde) plus a small amount of potassium. Regularly closed fumigation, with UV sterilization lamps (opening for more than 15 minutes each time) and other means of sterilization, so that the sterile room is often maintained aseptic. The inside of the inoculation box should also be equipped with an ultraviolet lamp. It should be sterilized by turning on the light for more than 15 minutes before use. However, it is still bacteriay where it is not exposed. When the ultraviolet lamp is turned on for a long time, it can excite oxygen molecules in the air to form ozone molecules. This gas has a strong bactericidal effect and can sterilize the corners where the ultraviolet rays are not directly irradiated. Since ozone is harmful to health, the UV lamp should be removed before entering the operation, and it can be inserted in more than ten minutes.