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Whether the cleaned workshop can reach the corresponding parameter standards

Update:05 Jan 2019

To measure the pros and cons of the purification effect […]

To measure the pros and cons of the purification effect of a pharmaceutical factory, it is mainly to see whether the cleaned workshop can reach the corresponding parameter standards.

To measure the pros and cons of a pharmaceutical workshop, mainly depends on whether the cleaned workshop can meet the corresponding parameter standards, such as air cleanliness, air temperature and humidity, bacterial concentration, air volume, air pressure, noise, lighting, etc. strict requirements. The professional pharmaceutical factory workshop purification company firstly conducts on-the-spot investigation by professional technicians, scientific design can reach the corresponding parameter standard scheme, and then the training plan is implemented by the well-trained construction team, professional purification equipment and advanced inspection and testing equipment. To ensure that the pharmaceutical workshop cleans up to the standard.

The pharmaceutical factory cleans and installs the high-efficiency air supply purification equipment, which can filter the incoming air to discharge the pollutants, that is, to introduce the air into the working room at a sufficient rate and flow rate, and remove the dust particles in the pharmaceutical factory workshop. High-efficiency air supply equipment ensures uniform airflow and maintains indoor cleanliness.

According to the requirements of the GMP pharmaceutical workshop purification, the purification of the workshop of the pharmaceutical factory should be considered in the design and installation to avoid the parts that are not easy to clean. When the workshop is cleaned, the doors and windows are installed and constructed, and the air conditioner and various pipelines are cleaned. The joints of the lighting fixtures must be sealed.

The air quality purified by the pharmaceutical factory workshop also depends on the operation management, and strict workshop management regulations are required. Keep the workshop of the pharmaceutical factory clean, clean the floor every day, and wash the ground regularly; the staff must wear the overalls when entering the processing workshop of the pharmaceutical factory; the idlers must not enter the workshop; the equipment in the pilot workshop must be responsible for the operation, and the equipment should be operated in strict accordance with the operating procedures; regular maintenance and overhaul Equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; workshops should not store flammable, explosive, highly corrosive, highly toxic materials, pay attention to fire prevention, and often check fire facilities.

The pharmaceutical workshop purification process is continuous, and each room has no independence. It is suitable for large-scale production process. The dust-free workshop area is large, the number of rooms is large, and the location is concentrated. However, the cleanliness of each room should not be too different. The form and arrangement of the return air inlet can realize a variety of airflow organization modes, unified delivery, return air, centralized management, complicated system management, and the cleanrooms cannot be separately adjusted, and the maintenance amount is small, and the cost of such workshop purification is low.