FLS series of air shower room

The equipment is a versatile local purification equipment, installing in the partition between clean room and non-clean room. It is usedto blow personnel or items that come into the clean area, which can effectively reduce the dust into the clean area after blowing, so that clean area can maintain a normal working condition.


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Special effects:

Microcomputer control, photoelectric induction, automatic blowing shower

Open door way: automatic sliding door, fast shutter doors, soft curtain door

Optional materials: high-quality stainless steel, cold-rolled steel plate paint, color plate

Develop according to customer requirements: ultra-thin air shower, air shower channel, cargo shower channel lights.


The main technical parameters:

Filtration efficiency: ≥ 99.99@0.3μm

Power supply: AC3N 380V 50Hz

Air shower time: 0 ~ 99s (adjustable)

Ejection wind speed:> 20m / s


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