All stainless steel purification door 2

All stainless steel purification door (the product is suitable for pharmaceutical workshop, food workshop and other purification projects)

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All stainless steel purification door

(Double or single type, suitable for hand wall series or building wall)


Divided into single and double open type. The door is made of SUS304 1.2mm, door edge is made of SUS304 1.0mm, the door core material is fire-retardant paper honeycomb (rock wool, etc.), the door can bring double glass windows.


1) stainless steel hinge

2) stainless steel lock

3) stainless steel dark latch (double open type)

4) the bottom of the door applies lift-type sweeping strip (after the door is closed, sweeping strip automatically go down to close the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor)

5) Door and door frame use self-adhesive seal (stick to the door frame around) to achieve the door closed after the airtight state

6) Clean door can also install some non-essential accessories (door closer, anti-collision devices,

Positioner, etc.)

7) The necessary hardware accessories for the installation of the cleaning doors are provided by our company

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